My wife and i was married for about 9 years and our sexlife was pretty boring. Every public holiday we would go to our beach house for a few weeks. This particular holiday however was going to be different.

We were at home when my wife’s phone rang, it was her best friend Claire. My wife got a bit exited on the phone and i could figure out that someone from their childhood was in town. After the phone call my wife asked if she could go out with a few old school friends that is in town. She went into the bedroom to get dressed, she took forever to come out but when she did she looked smoking hot. I was get a little horny for her… She left the house around 20:00 that night.

Around midnight i was awaken by a noise in the house, my wife was back and more than a little drunk. Her hair, make up and dress was a mess. It was the smell coming from her that made me horny straight away…the smell of SEX!! I asked her what happened, she just slurred “nothing”. I was so horny at this stage as all these sex scenarios went through my head…. I grabbed her and pushed her onto the bed and started kissing and fondling her. She fought desperately saying she want to have a shower first, i however managed to shove my hand up her dress to grab her pussy, she had no panties on and my hand came away sticky and slimy!! I knew then for sure she had sex with another man! My hormones took over and i ravaged her right there and then, it was AMAZING!!

She later confessed that she met with an old school boyfriend and they got a bit drunk and had sex.

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